We have done it! After years of challenging my husband and me to pack almost nothing for a trip — we are finally semi-light traveling parents. With a stroller and a pack ‘n play in tow, I knew that if we didn’t force our belongings into one suitcase, we would seriously regret it. Who wants to spend their trip lugging around stuff from home? Not this woman.

So, last week, I stocked up on several quick dry shirts for Ben, Little One, and me, as well as quick dry hiking pants that have zip-off shorts and look a lot nicer online than they do in person. More quick dry means less laundry. At least, I hope!

Who wants to spend their trip lugging around stuff? Not this woman.

We also needed to prepare for a few different climates. Santiago will be hot at 88 F, Valparaiso will be delightful at 70 F, and Patagonia will be anywhere from rainy at 44 F to cloudy at 62 F. I purchased rain jackets for Ben and me that fit into itty bitty bags,  and we each packed a fleece and a sweater — essential for layering. (Crucial fact: Ben doesn’t get cold. He’s from the suburbs of Chicago, and true story, he used to wear sandals in the snow.) For Little One, we brought a North Face jacket and a rain jacket, as well as a few sweatshirts, plus one ridiculously adorable one-piece hooded fleece.

I know that some people really love to ingest every detail of a packing list, and if you’re that person, feel free to get in touch. But, I’ll summarize by saying this: my clothes and Ben’s clothes each take up less than 1/4th of the suitcase.

Who got the rest of the suitcase? Little One, of course. We reasoned that, a) he goes through more outfits than we do (mostly because we often forget to put bibs on him), and b) it isn’t fair to dress him in dirty clothing.


Two adults, one baby, and one very normal sized suitcase

Aside from clothing, Little One definitely requires the most stuff. We’re packing a bunch of small toys and books for him, food for the plane, different medicines and creams, and Pedialyte powder just in case — which apparently adults enjoy just as much as babies. We’re taking some diapers, too, but we’ll restock in Chile.

The biggest space-stealer, which is a separate piece of luggage by itself, is the pack ‘n play. On our previous trip to Finland, our Airbnb host actually purchased a pack ‘n play specifically for us! But, because we are traveling around the country, we thought it was unrealistic to expect this from each of our hosts. And, at this point, Airbnb doesn’t have a way to search for accommodations with cribs — hint hint. As it turns out, “Family friendly” does not = crib.

Chile has babies, and where there are babies, there are stores that sell things for babies.

We also could’ve booked hotels with cribs, but that would’ve been much more expensive. Or, we could’ve all shared a bed, which we basically did for the first 10 months of Little One’s life. And while that was both incredibly cozy and somewhat nerve-wracking, Little One actually doesn’t want to sleep with us since I stopped nursing all night long.

Bringing the pack ‘n play, we think (and hope), will give us a lot more freedom to go and stay where we want. Plus, Ben is carrying it. So, I really can’t complain.


It’s not too bulky, but I’m still glad I’m not the one carrying it.

And full disclosure – both Ben and I are each taking a carry-on backpack for our iPads, and Little One’s toys, food, and diaper changing items.

Are we forgetting a million things? Maybe. Then again, Chile has babies, and where there are babies, there are stores that sell things for babies. Wish us luck!

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