Hi! I’m Rachel, a writer, entrepreneur, world traveler, wife, and mom. When I gave birth to my little one, my whole life changed. Obviously. Suddenly, there was this little guy whom I had just met who I was responsible for. Plus, I was totally in love with him. It was intense.

But, in many ways, I didn’t change at all. I still wanted to wander through new cities with a coffee cup in hand. I still wanted to book cheap flights to far-flung places. I still wanted to travel the world. 

Some people told me that traveling would be too hard with a little one. But I refused to believe them. Sure, we’d have to stop for a diaper change, book a bassinet on a plane, and breastfeed on the go. But so what? People raise kids all over the world. We could do this!

I’m a lover of information, of feeling prepared, of making connections. Little One Travel is my way of making sense of my new world. It’s a place where caregivers can share their experiences traveling the world with their little ones. It’s a site filled with the information that will make you feel ready, able, and excited to travel the world with your baby or toddler.

I’m so happy that you’re here! Let’s do this!

(By the way, yes, that’s me pretending to be Juliet atop a bridge on Riverwalk in San Antonio. I mean, I couldn’t not, you know?)