In LO Tips for Traveling with a Baby, caregivers share their experiences traveling in destinations throughout the world with their Little Ones.

Where did you go?

Rome, Italy

When did you go?

October 2016

How old was your Little One at the time?

5 months

Eating & Drinking

Breastfeeding: What are accepted places for women to breastfeed? Is it accepted to breastfeed in public?

Yes, nobody ever said anything to me. I always used a cover.

Food/Water Safety: Was the water potable in your destination? Was the food safe in your destination? If either was unsafe, how did you deal with that?

When I needed to drink the water, I usually used bottled water. However, it was fine to use tap water to wash a pacifier or other baby items.

Getting Around

Navigating with Little One: Was your destination stroller-friendly? Did you use a stroller/carrier? Did you face any challenges with either? Do you recommend any strollers/carriers?

Rome was doable with a stroller, but not the easiest. Some of the streets have cobblestones and there’s an entire area in front of the Colosseum that is not stroller-friendly at all. The toughest place we took our stroller was the Vatican and the Vatican Museum. Because there are literally thousands of people around you, having a stroller is more of a burden than a help. Use a carrier for the museum to avoid dozens of staircases with no option for an elevator! We used a Baby Bjorn.

Public transportation: Which types of public transportation were/not amenable to traveling with your little one?

We walked everywhere, and used a car service with a car seat to get to and from the airport.

Car seats: What are the local car seat regulations? If you traveled with a car seat, do you recommend one specific kind?

We did not bring our own car seat. We used the car service’s car seat. I’d recommend the same!


Hotels: Can you recommend accommodations that provided cribs? If you brought your own crib/pack n’ play, please explain why that was the best option for you.

We stayed at Crossing Condotti, and they provided a large Pack ‘n Play. No need to bring your own — it’s better to just find a hotel that will provide one.


Changing facilities: Did you find that your destination offered a great or small selection of diaper changing facilities?

We didn’t see changing facilities at all – we always used our stroller as the “bench.”

Diapers: Where did you purchase diapers? Which brands were sold?

Every pharmacy (there’s one large chain in Rome) carried diapers. However, because the stores are so small, most of the diapers are held in the back. When you come into the pharmacy, just ask for the size you need. They sold Pampers.

Medical Concerns

Pre-Trip: Were there any vaccinations that your Little One needed prior to your trip?

None that were specific to Italy.

General Questions

What were the local attitudes about Little Ones? How was your Little One treated overall?

Italians love babies! We got lots of smiles and warm words.

What were the greatest challenges in traveling with your Little One?

The greatest challenge was navigating the busy tourist areas with a stroller (ex: Colosseum, Vatican Museum, Vatican City, etc).

Was there anything you wish you’d known about traveling in your destination with your Little One?

I wish we had known not to go to the Vatican Museum with our Little One.

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